Computer Solutions have been virtualising production environments since 2008 and with the experience of 50 + virtualization projects ranging from the data centre to the desktop, our expertise is built on experience in 2 virtualization platforms, VMware Vsphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. In a virtualized environment, one single server box can now handle multiple workloads rather than just one. In this way, customers who moved into a virtual environment managed to:

  • shrink the footprint of their servers,
  • reduce their data centre power consumption by approximately 70%,
  • and are able to utilise more resources rather than leaving a server idle or almost idle for most of the time,
  • free the workloads running on a particular box from the underlying hardware, since each virtual operating system interacts with a thin software layer (called a ‘hypervisor’) that abstracts the underlying hardware and standardises the hardware view irrelevantly of the hardware being used. This presented our customers with high availability opportunities particularly since it is now much easier for them to move workloads across their systems.

The Virtualisation Service Offering includes:

  • Analysis of the customer's existing infrastructure and applications  
  • Identification of the infrastructure resource usage required by the applications
  • The design of the virtualization platform using either Vmware or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Validation of the design through a POC
  • A dedicated Service Manager to the virtualization project who will liaise with the customer and the CSL project team
  • A clear road map to the customer identifying roles, responsibilities and project milestones
  • Implementation of the virtualization solution
  • Sign off by both parties upon project completion
  • Steady state services to support & manage the virtual environment