Human error, malicious activities, hardware failures and natural disasters can spell dire consequences for your business. That’s why protecting your company’s data assets is essential to your continued business success—and your livelihood. Fault-tolerant servers and storage subsystems are a good start. However, unless you have a proven solution for real-time replication, your business faces considerable risk.

Steeleye Datakeeper

SteelEye DataKeeper: Real-Time Data Protection

SteelEye DataKeeper replicates data volumes at the block level, ensuring the most efficient replication possible. When compared to solutions that replicate at the file level, SteelEye DataKeeper uses significantly less system resources, makes more efficient use of the available bandwidth and is able to transfer more data faster across both WANs and LANs. This results in incredibly fast replication speeds—without hardware accelerators or compression devices.

SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition

Failover clusters have become very popular for Microsoft applications. They typically have two or more nodes attached to shared storage and are used to ensure high availability of applications such as SQL Server, file servers and even entire Hyper-V virtual machines. Unfortunately, the shared storage in a traditional cluster is not only expensive, it represents a single point of failure.

That’s where SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition comes in. One-to-many replication lets SteelEye DataKeeper synchronize multiple host-based storage devices, eliminating the need for expensive shared storage systems.

Data Replication

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Veeam Backup and Replication

Retrofitting physical backup tools in order to accommodate the needs of virtualization limits capabilities and adds complexity and cost where it doesn’t need to be.

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ is Modern Data Protection™ that is Built for Virtualization™ and delivers powerful, easy-to-use and affordable data protection for VMware and Hyper-V. You’ll never have to update another agent, recover another virtual machine (VM) from scratch, or explain why your backups take too long.

Veeam wins over 40 of the industry’s biggest awards

Veeam wins over 40 of the industry’s biggest awar

Veeam’s innovation has been recognized in the market year after year. We’ve won more VMworld awards than any other vendor, and Veeam is the only 2-time winner of the VMworld award for Best New Technology. In addition to these virtualization industry awards, Veeam was recently recognized by InfoWorld as a “Technology of the Year” for 2013.

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